Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My latest book is about to launch . . .

I wrote Born to Fish with my friend, Greg Myerson, a world-class angler who turned his life around through fishing. From his earliest days, Greg used fishing as an escape from the violent world of his mobster father, but then it became an overwhelming obessions in its own right, destroying his relationships and work life. Finally, in August 2011, he caught an 82-pound striped bass, shattering a world record that had stood for 29 years. Yet at the very instant he achieved this crowning glory, he instantly had a staggering epiphany and regretted killing the fish. An unlikely conservation hero, he is now at the forefront of the effort to save the large striped bass, which are the most prolific breeders and vital to the dwindling Atlantic coast striped bass population, now devastated by overfishing and pollution.

The book has some great cover blurbs by Helen Macdonald, Walter Anderson, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Ted Williams, Tony Huston, and Stephen Bodio.